1. To create an account, please follow the link https://serenity.exchange/ 

2. Click the button “sign up” in the top right corner or button “make an account” in the middle of the page, after that you will be redirected to the “login/register” page.

3. Create your own login and enter your email.

4. After clicking the registration button, you will be given a password from your account and the link to verify your account will be sent to your email. 

5. After verifying your account, you will be able enter your account with your login and password.

1. If you lost or forgot your password, click button “forgot my password?” and then enter your email, which was used to register the account

2. Link to recover your password will be sent to your email, follow it
3. Create a new password and confirm it 

To change the password from your account, you need to go to settings section here. Choose “change password” option and then enter old password, then new one and confirm the new password. After that you will need to login again. Also, there will be an email sent to your mail box with the notification of password change. 

Google Authenticator – is an app for creation one time passwords of two step Authentication. Such app supports IOS and Android devices and can be used without internet connection. User has to install this app on his device after which the process of creating random codes will begin. These codes are necessary to input in related fields when you are changing the settings of your account or withdraw. We do not suggest to use Google authenticators on the same device, which you use to log in to your account. 

Major advantages of this app are:   
There is no need in any external device as the process of authentication goes through your mobile device, which is always with you. 
Constant change of the password, which makes your account more secured, rather than one password from the system.
To turn off two factor authentication go to the settings of your account. 

Serinity team suggest you to use Google Authentication because: 

There is no risk of delay while you are entering your account 

App generates unique 6-digit password, which prevents your account from being hacked

To find your deposit link, please do the following: 

1. Go to the “Finance” section.

2. Choose the currency you want to make a deposit in and then click “deposit” button.

3. Deposit link will be shown on your screen. Copy it or scan the QR-code on your mobile device.
4. Enter the link in your e-wallet.

1. Go to the “Finance” section. 

    2. Choose the currency you want to make a deposit in and then click “withdraw” button.

    3. Fill in the form: enter the address of your e-wallet, on which the funds will be sent and enter the amount of withdrawal. The system automatically counts the commission and gives you the final amount, which you will receive on your e-wallet. 

    4. In the section “withdrawal history” you can see the status of your withdrawal. 

    Enrollment of crypto currency to the balance usually takes 15-30 minutes (have no clue what is what) and also it depends on the amount of confirmations you get in the network:

    2-nd confirmation in the BTC; LTC transaction network. 

    3-rd confirmation in the ETH transaction network. 

    Process of depositing funds may take some time. Our system requires N-amount of confirmations for BTC enrolment. 

    Your BTC will be credited after second confirmation. 

    If your deposit hasn’t been credited after 2 hours, please contact us and give us the following information: 

    Deposited amount 

    TXhash number 

    Time when you have made a deposit 

    As a rule, the wallet in such cases will be considered as a wrong one, in that case the transaction will be declined and will not enter blockchain. After certain time, the funds will be back on your account. 

    However, if the address of the crypto currency matches with any other BTC wallet in the system, the funds will be sent and there will be no chance to receive them back. 

    BTC 0.002
    ETH 0.01
    SRNT 100
    LTC 0.2
    KEY 10000
    GUSD 10
    WEBN 1000 000
    Serinity doesn’t charge the commission when you deposit 

    Withdrawal commission and minimum withdrawal amount is:
    BTC1%min. 0.002 btc
    ETH1%min. 0.01 eth
    LTC1%min. 0.2 ltc
    SRNT2%min. 100 srnt
    USDT2%min. 10 usdt
    KEY2%min. 10 000 key
    GUSD2%min. 10 gusd
    WEBN2%min. 1000 000 webn
    FUEL2%min. 4000 fuel
    BAT2%min. 50 bat
    NBC2%min. 1000 nbc
    Please, kindly note that the commission may be charged by the system itself

    Commission per order (buy/sell)
    BTC 0.1 %
    ETH 0.1 %
    LTC 0.1 %
    SRNT 0.1 %
    USDT 0.1 %
    KEY 0.1 %
    GUSD 0.1 %
    WEBN 0.1 %
    FUEL0.1 %
    BAT0.1 %
    NBC0.1 %

    All the information, which is related to the commission can be found in the finance section.

    According to the customer agreement, client is allowed to have only one account and can’t use two or more accounts, such actions will be considered as violation of the customer agreement. 

    Market order – it is a buy or sell order, which is instantly executed by the best available market price. The best price offer for sale is counted from top to the bottom in the order book. The best price offer for buy is counted from bottom to the top. 

    Example: You want to sell 5 BTC suing market order. Currently, there are order on buy 3 BTC by the price 1000 USD and 4 BTC by the price 2000 USD, what is related to the best market price. Your market order will be executed by the first order, which gives you 3000 USD for 3 BTC and by second which gives you 4000 USD for 2 BTC. In total you get 7000 USD while the average price is 1500 USD for 1 BTC 

    Limit order – this order, which is placed on the market to sell or buy exact amount of crypto current by the mentioned limit price or higher. Limit order will be executed as soon as there will be suitable opposite order by your price or by higher price. 

    If there is no opposite order for complete execution of your order, however there is partial opposite order, then your order can be executed partly by this opposite order and the rest will stay on the market waiting for the next suitable order. 

    Till complete execution of the order you can cancel it at any time. Partial part of the order also can be cancelled and the rest of the funds will return to your account. The part of the limit order, which was executed can’t be cancelled. 

    Example: If the current market price equals 1000 USD and you would like to buy BTC on 500 USD cheaper – you set limit order on “buy” at the level of 500 USD. If the market price drops to 500 USD and “ask” price of the seller matches with the price of your limit order, it will be executed at the price of 500 USD. If the volume of the opposite order is higher or equals to the volume of your limit order it will be fully executed, however if the volume of the opposite order is lower, than the order will be partly executed. 

    To cancel the order, you need to go to the order section at the bottom of “exchange” page and click “cancel” button. 

    Verification of the account is proceeded in 2 stages: 

    1. Identity verification 
    2. Address verification 
    Go to the page of account verification, fill in the form and upload all the necessary documents. Please, kindly note that all documents must be in good quality and all the information on them should be clearly seen. The photos or scans in bad resolution will be rejected. 

    To pass verification process you need: 
    Scans or photos of the documents:
    Are accepted in the following formats: bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, pdf 
    Must be without any cropped edges, all 4 angles should be seen 
    Must be in color 
    Must be without any graphical editing 
    Must be without any signs of being scanned/photographed
    Must be without any external objects (fingers, pencils and etc.)
    Please kindly note, that in certain cases Serintiy has a right to request documents in English or apostil of your document. 

    1. Identity verification 
    In order to verify your identity, you need to upload one of the following documents: 
    National passport 
    International passport 
    Government issued ID (both sides) 
    Driving license
    Provided passport or ID must contain the following information: 
    Name of the country, which issued the document 
    Serial number 
    Date of issue 
    Family name 
    First name 
    Date of birth 
    Place of birth 
    Date till the document is valid 

    2. Verification of the address:
    In order to verify your address, you need to upload one of the following documents: 
    Bank statement
    Utility bill 

    Online chat is placed at the bottom of the “exchange” page. This is a useful tool, which helps to be informed about all the latest news, crypto currency market and communicate with other traders.
    Just open the chat and you are ready to go.
    While you are in the chat, please follow the next rules:

    ·         No spam and advertising of another stock exchange

    ·         It is forbidden to use CAPS lock

    ·         No offensive language and blusters towards other traders and collaborator of the company  

    In case of violation of the rules mentioned above, the company has a right to ban clients from the chat for a certain period. In such case, client will get a personal message with the time period and the reason of being banned. In case you keep violating the rules, the company has a right to stop providing you service of online chat.
    In case of harsh violating of the rules, the company has a right to block client’s account for a certain period of time. 

         NameSymbol NameTick sizeSwap longSwap shortMarginContract sizeAvg. spreadMin spreadCommissionTrading session
    BATUSDBasic Attention Token vs US Dollar0.00001-12.00 pips-63.00 pips20.00 %1000.0259 pips211 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    BCHEURBitCoin Cash vs Euro0.001-541.50 pips-541.50 pips20.00 %1.0988 pips982 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    BCHGBPBitCoin Cash vs GBP0.001-481.50 pips-481.50 pips20.00 %1.0873 pips866 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    BCHJPYBitCoin Cash vs JPY0.01-6720.00 pips-6720.00 pips20.00 %1.012049 pips12002 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    BCHUSDBitcoin Cash vs US Dollar0.001-621.00 pips-621.00 pips20.00 %1.02084 pips1945 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    BCHXAGBitCoin Cash vs XAG0.0001-397.50 pips-397.50 pips20.00 %1000.0702 pips702 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    BTCEURBitCoin vs Euro0.001-6861.00 pips-6861.00 pips20.00 %1.016712 pips16706 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    BTCGBPBitCoin vs GBP0.001-6114.00 pips-6114.00 pips20.00 %1.029933 pips28451 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    BTCJPYBitCoin vs JPY0.01-85227.00 pips-85227.00 pips20.00 %1.0205882 pips205812 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    BTCUSDBitCoin vs US Dollar0.001-7837.50 pips-7837.50 pips20.00 %1.04521 pips3349 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    BTCXAGBitCoin vs XAG0.0001-5043.00 pips-5043.00 pips20.00 %100.012724 pips12723 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    BTCXAUBitCoin vs XAU0.0001-61.50 pips-61.50 pips20.00 %100.0146 pips146 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    DSHUSDDashCoin vs US Dollar0.001-99.00 pips-514.50 pips20.00 %10.02688 pips1901 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    EOSUSDEOS vs US Dollar0.0001-28.50 pips-148.50 pips20.00 %10.0347 pips61 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    ETCUSDEthereum Classiс vs US Dollar0.001-7.50 pips-36.00 pips20.00 %100.0242 pips191 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    ETHEUREthereum vs Euro0.001-282.00 pips-282.00 pips20.00 %10.0270 pips241 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    ETHGBPEthereum vs GBP0.001-252.00 pips-252.00 pips20.00 %10.0243 pips217 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    ETHJPYEthereum vs JPY0.01-3507.00 pips-3507.00 pips20.00 %10.03464 pips2973 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    ETHUSDEthereum vs US Dollar0.001-324.00 pips-324.00 pips20.00 %10.01383 pips1320 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    ETHXAGEthereum vs XAG0.0001-207.00 pips-207.00 pips20.00 %10000.0180 pips168 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    IOTUSDIOTA vs US Dollar0.0001-4.50 pips-19.50 pips20.00 %1000.038 pips32 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    LTCEURLiteCoin vs Euro0.001-61.50 pips-61.50 pips20.00 %10.0116 pips83 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    LTCGBPLiteCoin vs GBP0.001-54.00 pips-54.00 pips20.00 %100.0107 pips77 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    LTCJPYLiteCoin vs JPY0.01-757.50 pips-757.50 pips20.00 %10.01373 pips986 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    LTCUSDLiteCoin vs US Dollar0.00001-6997.50 pips-6997.50 pips20.00 %1.014822 pips10806 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    LTCXAGLiteCoin vs XAG0.0001-45.00 pips-45.00 pips20.00 %10000.075 pips54 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    NEOUSDNeo vs US Dollar0.01-1.50 pips-6.00 pips20.00 %100.011 pips10 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    OMGUSDOmiseGO vs US Dollar0.001-3.00 pips-12.00 pips20.00 %100.041 pips38 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    XMRUSDMonero vs US Dollar0.001-55.50 pips-286.50 pips20.00 %10.0945 pips821 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    XRPJPYRipple vs JPY0.01-4.50 pips-4.50 pips20.00 %1000.022 pips22 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    XRPUSDRipple vs US Dollar0.00001-39.00 pips-39.00 pips20.00 %10000.0164 pips151 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59
    ZECUSDZCash vs US Dollar0.001-81.00 pips-424.50 pips20.00 %10.01254 pips1169 pips0.50 %Daily: 00:05-23:59

    Swaps are charged at triple rate when transferring open positions from Friday to Saturday

    Serenity Financial OÜ, № 14375212, 27.11.2017 Estonia, Rännaku pst12, Tallin, Harju county, 10917, Estonia 

    FVR000504 Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency
    FRK000420 Providing a virtual currency wallet service

    For listing issues: li[email protected]serenity.exchange

    Customer support: [email protected]

     If you’re working on an ICO project that needs listing, its community is over 3,000 real people (not bots), while the number of real token holders is at least 2,000, we’re ready to consider listing your token (ERC20) on our exchange.

    We also offer other tech products for ICO projects: investor’s office for ICO, smart contracts.

    Moreover, as a partner, you can receive from 10% of the transaction.

    If your project needs listing, a representative of the project must fill out the application form: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSfts7615Onh5EaInu…/viewform



    •  Candidate token should not be under US jurisdiction.

    •  Only Utility token. (a) the Candidate Token is not a security under applicable securities laws, and (b) that trades of the Candidate Tokens would not be subject to regulation under any applicable laws applicable to trading of commodities.

    The serenity team may request additional information on the Company, beneficiaries, Utility token confirmation and other necessary documents.

    Delisting conditions: 

    • in case of detection of previously unknown information about the project, which could significantly affect the decision to include the token listing

    • in the case of technical problems on the coin side, resulting in a long inability to deposit and/or withdrawal of users funds

    • in cases that can cause damage to users and/or Exchange

    • in case of scam and other fraudulent actions by the representatives of the project

    • in case of  of misleading users (additional mining of tokens, etc.), changes in the material terms of the project

      The Exchange reserves the right to exclude pair from listing without providing any explanation.

      For more information: l[email protected]