Serenity.Exchange documentation has been updated

Dear friends!

Serenity.Exchange pays much attention to legality issues. We are permanently upgrading our documentation and hence seeking to defend users from possible legal inconsistencies. It should be noted that the standard documents governing relations between an exchange and users are AMLTerms of serviceRefund PolicyRisk Disclosure.

AML — is a paper documenting anti-money-laundering policy as well as countering the financing of terrorism and of weapons of mass destruction. Serenity.Exchange strictly adheres to the principle of AML and recommends users to trade with only legitimately obtained funds.

Terms of service — is a legal agreement between a provider and a client describing a character and specialties of the delivered services. In order to use the services of Serenity.Exchange each user should read and approve its agreement with the conditions.

Refund Policy — is a document regulating conditions and the treatment of refunds. In case of contentious situation concerning transactions canceling the data changes on refunds Serenity.Exchange is guided by the Refund Policy.

Risk Disclosure — is a document preventing possible risks of trading operations. We ask you to familiarize yourself with the document in order to define the area of the exchange responsibility as well as minimize risks of losses.

Please, note that the exchange documentation has been updated. We strongly encourage our clients to watch for our updates on our official site and to adhere to the latest edition of the documents.

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