Serenity.Exchange is nominated for Blockchain Life Awards 2019

Serenity.Exchange has taken part in Blockchain Life Awards 2019 and now is a candidate for the prize in the nomination “The best cryptocurrency exchange”.

Blockchain Life Awards 2019 — is the third annual award in the field of Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and technological startups. The award is independent and consists of 12 nominations including “The best cryptocurrency exchange”. The winners in each nomination are determined in open voting by the participants that purchased the ticket to the forum.

The forum organizers state that the award’s goal is the representation of the leading world companies in various areas of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. The forum participants will be able to vote for the candidates from 15 September to 13 October. The award ceremony will take place on 17 October 2019 after two days of the conference Blockchain Life 2019 in Moscow, Russia.

If you plan to attend the forum Blockchain Life 2019, we invite you to the booth P13 to speak with representatives of Serenity and participate in the company’s drawing for special prizes.

Serenity.Exchange — is a new cryptocurrency exchange launched in May 2019. For just a few months the platform included the most demanded cryptocurrency pairs, as well as connected the liquidity aggregation from top exchanges, providing the best conditions of deals and access to any volumes of cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, recently Serenity.Exchange has been successfully selected by CoinMarketCap and has been listed on the international cryptocurrency exchange rating.