Serenity: The latest updates

Serenity: what’s new?

Serenity team here with our traditional newsletter highlighting the project’s latest updates. This time, we have some exciting news to share with both loyal users and newcomers to our ecosystem. In the last month, we expanded the functionality of our new exchanger Serenity.Pay and made Serenity.Exchange more accessible to traders.


Minimum withdrawal amount instead of minimum commission

Serenity.Exchange abandons the minimum commission for each instrument. From now on, the commission will depend on the withdrawal amount, even if it’s very small: this improvement will help users save money when withdrawing small amounts of funds. Instead, we introduced only one restriction: the minimum withdrawal amount.

API conforming to the standards of CoinMarketCap

Our team updated Serenity’s API to conform to the requirements of CoinMarketCap, a major organization that offers listing of cryptocurrencies, exchanges and blockchain projects. Thanks to this update, CMC will be able to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the instruments and trading volumes of Serenity.Exchange.


Transfer more precise amounts of cryptocurrency

Now it’s possible to specify more precise amounts of funds to exchange in Serenity.Pay: we increased the number of characters after the decimal point from six to eight. For example, a sum in BTC can be specified with precision of up to one satoshi (0.00000001 BTC).

Manual input for purchase

When buying cryptocurrency, clients now can specify the desired sum in dollars. Before, users could only choose one of the provided amount options.

USDT and EUR in Serenity.Pay

The list of currencies available for exchange in Serenity.Pay has increased. One more fiat currency was added to the exchanger: euro; and one more cryptocurrency: USDT.

KYC: hints for users

If you get an error during the KYC procedure saying the information you entered is not valid, the fields with the invalid information will be highlighted in red.

Bank card verification

To make the exchange system more secure and prevent fraud, we have added a bank card verification module. In addition, you won’t have to pass verification again when you buy cryptocurrency next time, provided you enter the correct bank card info.

Exchange result notifications

Now our users will receive email notifications right after the process of exchange in Serenity.Pay is completed.

About Serenity

Serenity creates blockchain solutions for Forex brokers and fintech startups.

Serenity.Exchange launched in May 2019. It aggregates liquidity from the leading exchanges in the market, which ensures tight spreads and immediate order execution. This October, Serenity unveiled two new products: the exchanger Serenity.Pay and the margin trading platform Margin.Serenity.Exchange.