Cryptocurrency Serenity Exchange has started a partnership with a blockchain-based identity system Self Key
We are glad to announce that Cryptocurrency Serenity Exchange has started a new high-potential cooperation with the leading blockchain-powered identity management solution — SelfKey.
Nowadays, users go through KYC procedures (Know Your Customer) constantly: when registering on social networks, registering at Google or opening a bank account. In this case, the safety of this information can be ensured only physically by NDA (non-disclosure agreement) but this way of protection does not guarantee 100% security. SelfKey, like Serenity Financial, protects customer’s information at a comprehensive technical level. Thus, the client can transfer his personal data, after which the same procedures can take place as quickly as possible in any other instance. This option is available for individuals and firms.

SelfKey visionary Edmund Lowell said: “SelfKey is on a mission to empower individuals to manage their personal data. Strategic cooperation with like-minded partners is crucial for long-term success. That is why we are delighted to be working with Serenity Financial, a platform which prioritizes privacy and security. In the frameworks of partnership, the Serenity Exchange listed the SelfKey token and at the same time the Serenity Exchange will be placed in the SelfKey Marketplace as a partner. Serenity’s and other customers will be able to register with KYC on the Self Key platform and will be verified in a blockchain environment that will allow using data for any other services and companies as quickly and safely as possible.

«It should be noted that due to the listing of a new coin with a large turnover (around $ 1 million per day), we are increasing our trading potential, attracting new customers and expanding the community. We will continue listing of coins with high potential, with a large community, which will allow to get an activity working within the exchange and improve a trade turnover», — Anton Vasin, co-founder Serenity Financial commented.
What is more, this kind of cooperation has a very good image effect, so both fintech projects with a similar philosophy — security and simplicity without administrative hassle for users — invest in development and integration. In addition, this collaboration is an effective way to increase your audience and build a large trading community.

Denis Kulagin, CEO Serenity Financial: «Today in the era of business digitalization, there are a lot of scams, risks, unreliable companies not only in fintech field but also in the workflow industry. It becomes extremely important to develop joint projects aimed at achieving maximum transparency, security and data protection for all participants in transactions. Creating synergy with Self Key, being IT development experts we show the ability to qualitatively improve processes and expand the loyal community».